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Handmade production Part I

Handmade production Part I

Our raw clay arrives in George from a local mine in South Africa.

The clay sausages get hand banged and then slab rolled to get the correct thickness for each item depending on their size and shape.

The potters diligently work each shape , perfecting all the different elements that build a strong yet light and soft shape.

The items get the Wonki Ware stamp and then begin the  natural hardening and drying process of the raw clay .

The hardened shapes are then fettled with a scraper and the edges are softened with a wet sponge.

At this stage of the process the product is known as greenware. The raw clay has hardened enough to pick it up however is still very breakable.

The greenware is now ready for its first firing in the bisque kiln. This process turns the greenware to hard bisque, pictured below. It is now ready to be allocated to an order and continue with the next leg of the journey





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